BLC Newsletter - July 2014

Registered Charity No 275541

President         Professor H Dugald MacPherson [Leeds]
Vice-President    Professor Philip Welch [Bristol]
Treasurer         Dr Charlotte Kestner [Lancashire]
Secretary         Dr Paulo Oliva [London]
                 Dr Ulrich Berger [Swansea]
                 Professor Alexandre Borovik [Manchester]
                 Dr Peter Schuster [Leeds]

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1) BRITISH LOGIC COLLOQUIUM 2014 and BLC PHD day 2014 (Registration Open, Deadline for Bursaries)
2) Progic 2015 & Spring School on Inductive Logic (Conference Announcement)



September 3-5, 2014, University of Central Lancashire, Preston.

Register via the online form:

The British Logic Colloquium (BLC) 2014 will be held at the University of Central Lancashire (3rd-5th of September). 

It will be preceded by BLC PhD day (2nd-3rd September). This is a general Logic meeting and will cover a variety of topics within the subject.  

If you would like to contribute a talk or poster for the PhD day, please to
discuss your requirements, or with any questions. Deadline: 31 July.

Invited speakers:

• Natasha Alechina (Nottingham)
• Ann Copestake (Cambridge)
• Anuj Dawar (Cambridge)
• Immanuel Halupczok (Leeds)
• Johnathan Kirby (UEA)
• Graham Leigh (Oxford)
• Jeff Paris (Manchester)
• Alex Simpson (Edinburgh)
• Boban Velickovic (Paris)

We welcome contributions for the main conference and the PhD day, for details of how to submit a contributed
talk or poster see the website.


There is a limited number of bursaries available for students who wish to attend. A bursary covers the
conference accommodation on the basis of two people sharing a room, as well as contributing to the cost
of travel. Applications for bursaries should be accompanied by a short paragraph stating your affiliation,
the name of your supervisor and a brief description of your research; priority will be given to those
contributing either a talk or a poster. Deadline: 31 July.


2) Conference Announcement: Progic 2015 & Spring School on Inductive Logic

This is the seventh in the progic series of conferences, which seek to address the questions
of whether, and if so, how, probability and logic should be combined. The 2015 conference will
also be interested in connections between formal epistemology and inductive logic. Can inductive
logic shed light on epistemological questions to do with belief, judgement etc.? Can
epistemological considerations lead to a viable notion of inductive logic?

Invited speakers include: Richard Bradley, Dorothy Edgington, John Norton, Jeanne Peijnenburg,
We invite submissions of two-page extended abstracts of talks for presentation at the workshop.

There will also be a special issue of the Journal of Applied Logic devoted to the themes of
this workshop. We invite submissions of papers to this volume.

The conference will be preceded by a two-day Spring School on inductive logic, where introductory
lectures on the themes of the conference will be given by Juergen Landes, Jeff Paris,
Niki Pfeifer, Gregory Wheeler, Jon Williamson.

A limited number of bursaries are available to postgraduate students attending the Spring School
and the conference: these will cover 50% of accommodation and registration costs.

• 1st November 2014: deadline for submission of titles and two-page abstracts of papers for presentation.
   • To be emailed to
   • Please say whether you intend to submit your paper to a special issue of the Journal of Applied Logic on this topic.
   • If you are a postgraduate student and would like to be considered for a bursary, 
         please say so, explaining how attending this event will help your research, and outlining other forms of funding for which you are eligible.
• 1st December 2014: notification of acceptance of papers for presentation.
• 15th January 2015: deadline for receipt of early-bird registration to attend the conference and/or Spring School.
   • The early-bird fee is £25.
   • If registering after 15th January the fee is £50.
   • Please email to say whether you plan to attend the Spring School and/or the conference.
   • Payment details to follow.
• 15th January 2015: deadline for submission of full papers for publication
   • To be emailed to
• 20-21 April 2015: Spring School
• 22-24 April 2015: Progic.
• 1st June 2015: notification of acceptance of papers for publication.
• 1st August 2015: deadline for final version of papers accepted for publication.