BLC Newsletter - August 2015

Registered Charity No 275541

President        Professor H Dugald MacPherson [Leeds]
Vice-President   Professor Philip Welch [Bristol]
Treasurer        Dr Charlotte Kestner [Lancashire]
Secretary        Dr Paulo Oliva [London]
                 Dr Ulrich Berger [Swansea]
                 Professor Alexandre Borovik [Manchester]
                 Dr Peter Schuster [Leeds]

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1) British Logic Colloquium Cambridge, England, 2-4 Sept 2015
2) Oxford Professorship of Mathematical Logic (deadline: 7 September 2015)


1) BRITISH LOGIC COLLOQUIUM Cambridge, England 2-4 September 2015

The 2015 meeting of the British Logic Colloquium will be held in Cambridge on 2nd-4th September. It will be preceded by BLC PhD day (1st-2nd September). This is a general Logic meeting covering a variety of topics within mathematical, philosophical and computer science logic.  The meeting will include ten invited talks (speakers listed below) and a number of contributed talks.

Invited speakers:

• Andreas Blass (Michigan)
• Victoria Gitman (New York)
• Ian Pratt-Hartman (Manchester)
• Alexander Kechris (Pasadena)
• Jonathan Kirby (East Anglia)
• Agi Kurucz (London)
• Itay Neeman (Los Angeles) 
• Arno Pauly (Cambridge)
• Andrew Pitts (Cambridge)
• Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh (London)

PhD Day

The BLC PhD day provides an opportunity for postgraduates to meet and discuss their research or area of interest with fellow young logicians. If you wish to attend the PhD day, please email, including your Name, Affiliation and whether or not you would like to present a talk or a poster.

Programme Committee:

• Anuj Dawar (Cambridge, chair)
• Thomas Forster (Cambridge)
• Martin Hyland (Cambridge)
• Benedikt Löwe (Amsterdam/Hamburg)
• Dugald Macpherson (Leeds)
• Philip Welch (Bristol)

The meeting is supported by the London Mathematical Society, the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences and Robinson College, Cambridge.


2) Oxford Professorship of Mathematical Logic

Oxford has just  advertised the Professorship of Mathematical Logic:

The deadline for applications is Monday 7 September 2015.

As the advertisement states: "The Professorship of Mathematical Logic is the 
cornerstone of Oxford’s commitment to the foundations of mathematics. The 
holder of the Chair must be a research mathematician of the highest 
international calibre."

The successful candidate will succeed Boris Zilber, who is due to retire on 
1 September 2016. The previous holders of the Chair were Dana Scott and 
Angus Macintyre.