BLC Newsletter - July 2016

Registered Charity No 275541

President        Professor H Dugald MacPherson [Leeds]
Vice-President   Professor Philip Welch [Bristol]
Treasurer        Dr Charlotte Kestner [Lancashire]
Secretary        Dr Paulo Oliva [London]
                 Dr Ulrich Berger [Swansea]
                 Professor Alexandre Borovik [Manchester]
                 Professor Volker Halbach [Oxford]

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1) ESSLLI 2017 - 2nd Call for Course and Workshop Proposals
2) Model theory of finite and pseudofinite structures, Leeds, 27-29 July 2016
3) British Logic Colloquium 2016, Edinburgh, 6-8 September 2016
4) Directions in Computability Theory: A meeting in memory of Barry Cooper, Leeds, 17 September 2016
5) Needed: Books for the Nesin Mathematics Village


1) Model theory of finite and pseudofinite structures, Leeds, July 27-29 2016

29th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information - ESSLLI 2017

17-28 July, 2017, Toulouse, France


15 July 2016: Proposal submission deadline
30 September 2016: Notification

SUBMISSION PORTAL: Please submit your proposals here:


Proposals for courses and workshops at ESSLLI 2017 are invited in all areas of Logic,
Linguistics and Computing Sciences. Cross-disciplinary and innovative topics are particularly encouraged.

Each course and workshop will consist of five 90 minute sessions, offered daily
(Monday-Friday) in a single week. Proposals for two-week courses should be structured
and submitted as two independent one-week courses, e.g. as an introductory course followed
by an advanced one. In such cases, the ESSLLI programme committee reserves the right
to accept just one of the two proposals.

All instructional and organizational work at ESSLLI is performed completely on a voluntary
basis, so as to keep participation fees to a minimum. However, organizers and instructors
have their registration fees waived, and are reimbursed for travel and accommodation
expenses up to a level to be determined and communicated with the proposal notification.
ESSLLI can only guarantee reimbursement for at most one course/workshop organizer, and
can not guarantee full reimbursement of travel costs for lecturers or organizers from
outside of Europe. The ESSLLI organizers would appreciate any help in controlling the
School's expenses by seeking complete coverage of travel and accommodation expenses from other sources.

The organizers want to point at the possibility of an EACSL sponsorship, mentioned at the end of this call


Each proposal should fall under one of the following categories.



Course and workshop proposals should follow closely the following guidelines to ensure full consideration.

Each course proposal can be submitted by no more than two instructors, and each workshoP
by no more than two organizers. All instructors and organizers must possess a PhD or equivalent
degree by the submission deadline.

Course proposals should mention explicitly the intended course category. Proposals for
introductory courses should indicate the intended level, for example as it relates to
standard textbooks and monographs in the area. Proposals for advanced courses should
specify the prerequisites in detail.

Proposals must be submitted in PDF format via:

and include all of the following:

a. Personal information for each proposer: Name, affiliation, contact
 address, email, homepage (optional)

b. General proposal information: Title, category

c. Contents information:
 Abstract of up to 150 words
 Motivation and description (up to two pages)
 Tentative outline
 Expected level and prerequisites
 Appropriate references (e.g. textbooks, monographs, proceedings, surveys)

d. Practical information:
 Relevant preceding meetings and events, if applicable
 Potential external funding for participants


Chair: Shravan Vasishth, Universitaet Potsdam
Local co-chair: Philippe Balbiani, IRIT, Toulouse
Language and Computation:
  - Sebastian Pado, Universitaet Stuttgart
  - Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh, University of London
Language and Logic:
  - Denis Bonnay, l’Universite Paris Ouest
  - Jessica Rett, UCLA
Logic and Computation:
  - Tomer Kotek, Technische Universitaet Wien
  - Anna Zamansky, University of Haifa

FURTHER INFORMATION: Please send any queries you may have to vasishth dot shravan at gmail dot com


2) Model theory of finite and pseudofinite structures, Leeds, July 27-29 2016

A workshop on the model theory of finite and pseudofinite structures will be held at
the University of Leeds (UK), from 27th to 29th July 2016. 

Some of the themes that will be touched on during the workshop are:

• asymptotic classes of finite structures, measurable structures, and generalisations;
• connections to homogeneous structures;
• finite and infinite permutation groups;
• zero-one laws.

There is no registration fee, but we ask that participants register by sending us some
information. We have reserved some on-site accommodation, and we have financial support
from the below-mentioned EPSRC grant that will allow us to provide some funding for
participants. There is space for accommodation and funding requests in the registration form. 

Important dates

15th May: Deadline for registrations that include requests for accommodation or financial support

15th June: Registration deadline

27th - 29th July: Workshop


3) British Logic Colloquium 2016

The British Logic Colloquium, BLC 2016, will be held at the University of Edinburgh, on
7th & 8th September, preceded by the BLC PhD day, on 6th, and followed by a symposium
in celebration of Gordon Plotkin's 70th Birthday, GDP70, on 9thSeptember.

SPONSORS. We are grateful for support from

• The Edinburgh Mathematical Society
• The London Mathematical Society
• The School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh


• Sylvy Anscombe, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK
• Diego Figuera, CNRS, Bordeaux, France
• Orna Kupferman, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
• Maurizio Lenzerini, Sapienza Universita di Roma, Rome, Italy
• Alexandra Silva, UCL, London, UK
• Alex Wilke FRS, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK.

PROGRAMME COMMITTEE: Michael Fourman, Philippa Gardner, Martin Hyland, Leonid Libkin,
Angus Macintyre, Ursula Martin, Valeria de Paiva

This is the annual meeting of the British Logic Colloquium. The scope of the event
includes mathematical and philosophical logic as well as logic in computer science
and applications of logic.

We anticipate that our programme will include contributed talks on a range of topics
including proof theory, set theory, model theory, computability and complexity, logical
aspects of computer science, and philosophy of mathematics. We especially encourage
students and early-career researchers to present their work.

CONTRIBUTED TALKS: We encourage you to attend and present your best work, be it already
published or not. You submit a talk, not a paper. Hence, submissions should have a
single author, who is the speaker. Since you should only present your favorite result
of the year, there should be at most one submission per speaker. The single page
abstract may include a list of coauthors.

• A single page abstract (A4 pdf) should be submitted via EasyChair by the deadline
 of midnight (UTC) on 22nd July.
• Acceptances will be notified before 30th July.


4) Directions in Computability Theory: A meeting in memory of Barry Cooper

A meeting in memory of Barry Cooper, who died last autumn, will be
held In the School of Mathematics, University of Leeds, on Saturday
September 17th 2016.

All friends and former students of Barry's, as well as anyone interested
in Mathematical Logic, is welcome to attend. The focus will be on
Computability Theory, particularly with reference to Barry's work.

Barry was a central figure in the study of Computability Theory in the UK,
and had a large number of research students and postdoctoral assistants.
He was a founding member and  president of the Association Computability
in Europe (CiE). In  recent years, he also achieved a high profile because
of his work in promoting awareness of the Alan Turing Centenary.

The meeting will consist of 4 talks followed by a  dinner in the evening,
together with  a jazz performance. (Barry was a founder and keen member
of the Leeds Jazz Club). 

The speakers are:

* Marat Arslanov (Kazan State University)
* Andrew Lewis-Pye, (London School of Economics)
* Theodore A. Slaman (University of California, Berkeley)
* Andrea Sorbi (University of Siena)

You are invited to register as soon as possible. There is no registration
fee, but a contribution  will be requested for those coming to the
dinner. Information on registration and further details of the meeting
can be found at the webpage:

Current and recent PhD students are encouraged to attend. We may be able
to provide modest travel grants for these. (Please refer to the webpage.)

Supported by the School of Mathematics, University of Leeds and the
British Logic Colloquium.

The meeting is organised by:  Charles Harris (
John Truss ( and Stan Wainer (


5) NEEDED: Books for the Nesin Mathematics Village

Manchester logicians donated about a hundred of books for the Nesin Mathematics Village in Turkey,

For those not in the know: the Village is a paradise of mathematics research and
mathematics education, run by volunteers for students who really wish to understand
mathematics. It has been founded and is managed by our  model theorist colleague,
Ali Nesin. I have been visiting the place every summer since 2007, and every time
I am thrilled by the thirst for knowledge and quest for understanding that I see
in boys and girls around me.

In the Village, books will be housed in a beautiful library, have a look at!Niyanyan's%20Library/zoom/co42/image_o98

I know from my experience in the Village that books will have readers.

MORE BOOKS ARE NEEDED. Moreover, more books can be shipped in the same consignment
at no additional cost -- and we have money for shipment kindly offered by a retired

If you can donate any books on logic, mathematics, philosophy, history of science,
etc., no matter how old,  please send them to me, my address is given below.

We helping not only mathematics; donation of books is a way to show our solidarity
with our Turkish colleagues. The situation in the country is very complicated. One
detail is relevant: the man who built the Library and most of the Mathematics Village,
Sevan Nisanyan, a prominent Turkish linguist and self-taught architect, is in prison
on what my Turkish colleagues describe as politically motivated charges. It could
be worse: when, a few years ago, I last time met Sevan in the Mathematics Village,
he was waiting for a trial on deadly dangerous charges of blasphemy -- but these
luckily, had been eventually dropped.

If you have any questions - please feel free to contact me at
My surface address:

Alexandre Borovik
University of Manchester
School of Mathematics
Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9PL