BLC Newsletter - September 2016

Registered Charity No 275541

President        Professor H Dugald MacPherson [Leeds]
Vice-President   Professor Philip Welch [Bristol]
Treasurer        Dr Charlotte Kestner [Lancashire]
Secretary        Dr Paulo Oliva [London]
                 Dr Ulrich Berger [Swansea]
                 Professor Alexandre Borovik [Manchester]
                 Professor Volker Halbach [Oxford]

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1) Workshop on Coalgebra, Horn Clause Logic Programming and Types, 28-29 Nov 2016 (Call for papers)
2) British Postgraduate Model Theory Conference, 25-27 Jan 2017 (BPGMTC)
3) Model theory Conference -- South Africa, 9-13 Jan 2017 (Call for abstracts)
4) Memoirs of Geach and Shepherdson published (British Academy)


1) Workshop on Coalgebra, Horn Clause Logic Programming and Types

28-29 November 2016, Edinburgh, UK

Call for Papers, Presentations and Participation

The workshop marks the end of the EPSRC Grant Coalgebraic Logic Programming for Type Inference, 
by K. Komendantskaya and J. Power and will consist of two parts:

   Part 1 - Semantics: Lawvere theories and Coalgebra in Logic and Functional
   Part 2 - Programming languages: Horn Clause Logic for Type Inference in
       Functional Languages and Beyond

We invite all colleagues working in related areas to present and share their results. We envisage a friendly meeting with many stimulating discussions, and therefore  welcome presentations of already published research as well as novel results. Authors of original contributions will be invited to submit their papers to EPTCS post-proceedings. We especially encourage early career researchers to present and participate. 

The workshop will be held at the International Center for Mathematical Sciences,
in Edinburgh city center, just 2 minutes walk from the Informatics Forum.

Invited speakers and tutorials
* Relational Specification of type systems using Logic Programming, 
 Ki Yung Ahn, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

* Logic programming for type inference in object-oriented languages,
 Davide Ancona, University of Genoa, Italy

* Logic programming: laxness and saturation,
 John Power, University of Bath, UK

* Classes for the masses, 
Claudio Russo, Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK 

* Comodels and interaction, 
Tarmo Ustalu, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

Proceedings publication

Presentations: We invite submission of 2-page extended abstracts via Easychair, by the 15th October 2016. These will be subject to light review process. Preliminary proceedings will be made available at the conference in electronic form.

Post-proceedings: Authors presenting original work will be invited to submit full papers to the post-proceedings of the workshop. The post-proceedings volume will be published in Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science and peer-reviewed according to EPTCS standards by the PC members.

Important dates

 Extended Abstract Submission:   15 October, 2016
 Author notification:            25 October, 2016
 Workshop:                       28–29 November, 2016
 EPTCS post-proceedings invitations:  15 December, 2016
 EPTCS final version submission: 30 January, 2017


2) British Postgraduate Model Theory Conference (BPGMTC)

25 - 27 January 2017

University of Leeds

This is the 7th version of this conference, and it is a great occasion for PhD students and young
researchers in model theory to give talks and interact with each other. We expect to fund accommodation
and part of travel expenses. 

If you are interested in attending, please let us know. If you would like to give a talk please
also send us a preliminary title of your talk.

Please send us this information as soon as possible to in order to have
an idea of the number of people and the schedule.

The invited speakers are:
* Zoe Chatzidakis
* Amador Martin-Pizarro
* Jaroslav Nesetril
* Boris Zilber

Previous BPGMT conferences may be found at:
1 -
2 - 


3) Model theory Conference — South Africa 2017 (Call for abstracts)

9-13 January 2017

University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

We invite abstracts from any area of model theory. Deadline for abstracts is November 5th 2016. Deadline for registration is 10th of December 2016.

This is an ASL sponsored meeting. So limited funding is available from the ASL for student members
to travel for this meeting. See here for details, note that such support must be applied for at least three months before the meeting.

Please see our website for details:


* Artem Chernikov (UCLA)
* Franziska Jahnke (University of Muenster)
* Gareth Jones (University of Manchester)
*  Angus Macintyre (QMUL) 

For more information please contact the organisers on


4) Memoirs of Geach and Shepherdson (British Academy)

British Academy memoirs of Geach and Shepherdson have been recently published and can be found online at: