BLC Newsletter - May 2018

Registered Charity No 275541

President        Prof. Philip Welch [Bristol]
Vice-President   Prof. Volker Halbach [Oxford]
Treasurer        Dr Charlotte Kestner [Lancashire]
Secretary        Dr Paulo Oliva [London]
                 Dr. Martin Escardo [Birmingham]
                 Dr. Jonathan Kirby [East Anglia]
                 Dr. Renate Schmidt [Manchester]

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1) "Coalgebra, Now" Workshop @ LICS/FLoC, 8 July 2018
2) From permutation groups to model theory, 17-21 Sept 2018
3) British Logic Colloquium 2018


1) "Coalgebra, Now" Workshop @ LICS/FLoC 2018

Date: Sunday 8 July 2018 (Pre-FLoC)
Location: FLoC Venue at University of Oxford (exact location TBD)


Everyone is welcome to attend. Registration is required and early registration deadline is June 6.
Please register via the FLOC 2018 webpage:


Coalgebra is a unifying theory of state-based systems. It has emerged in the last two decades as the right mathematical framework for reasoning about infinite objects and non-well-founded structures, encompassing and abstracting fundamental concepts such as bisimilarity, coinduction and modal logic. This area has now reached a level of maturity; the aim of the workshop is to provide an overview of the state-of-the art and perspectives for future research as well as to explore connections between coalgebra and other fields in theoretical computer science. The workshop will consist of invited talks by leading coalgebra researchers as well as prominent researchers whose work has often crossed paths with the coalgebra community. The workshop will also be a chance for a wider audience, such as the one attending FLOC, to be introduced to coalgebra theory by some of the founders of the field.


Jan Rutten, CWI Amsterdam and Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands
“The Method of Coalgebra: exercises in coinduction”

Ana Sokolova, University of Salzburg, Austria
“Coalgebra meets Convexity in Probabilistic Systems”

Ekaterina Komendantskaya, Heriot-Watt University, UK
“Coalgebra and Automated Reasoning”

Dexter Kozen, Cornell University, USA
Title TBA

Bart Jacobs, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands
“Coalgebras and Kleisli maps for probability”

Corina Cirstea, University of Southampton, UK
Title TBA

Ichiro Hasuo, National Institute of Informatics, Japan
"Martingale-Based Methods for Reachability Probabilities: Excitements and Afterthoughts about Coalgebras"

Samson Abramsky, University of Oxford, UK
Title TBA


We gratefully acknowledge financial support from the British Logic Colloquium. 
We encourage workshop participants to become members of the BLC.


Helle Hvid Hansen, Delft University of Technology
Fabio Zanasi, University College London 


2) From permutation groups to model theory: a workshop inspired by the
interests of Dugald Macpherson, on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

ICMS, Edinburgh

17-21 September 2018

REGISTRATION OPEN here : Or follow
"public application" from the website below.
*Closes 8th June*

This workshop brings together people working in model theory, group theory
and combinatorics in honour of the 60th birthday of Dugald Macpherson.

This meeting is planned in honour of the contributions of Dugald
Macpherson, and has the objective of bringing together key figures and
young researchers in Dugald's main fields of interest: model theory, group
theory and combinatorics. For more details see:

There are some (limited) funds available to support participants, and PhD
students are able to apply to the ASL for support for their attendance
(this must be done 3 months in advance of the conference).

Organising committee:

Sylvy Anscombe
Andrés Aranda Lopez
David Bradley-Williams
Deirdre Haskell
Charlotte Kestner
Thomas Scanlon


3) British Logic Colloquium 2018

The BLC committee would like to inform the BLC members that there won’t be a BLC meeting this
year, as we haven’t been able to secure a venue on time. The good news is that a venue for
next year has already been secured. Further details in due course.