BLC Newsletter January 2009

Registered Charity No 275541

President           Professor J M E Hyland [Cambridge]
Vice-President      Professor T Williamson FBA FRSE [Oxford]
Treasurer           Professor D Macpherson [Leeds]
Secretary           Dr N Alechina [Nottingham]
                    Dr U Berger [Swansea]
                    Dr E Ritter [Birmingham]
                    Dr G Wilmers [Manchester]

(1) Logic Colloquium 2009, Sofia 31 July - 5 August 2009

(2) Groups and Models: Cherlin Bayrami. June 8--12, 2009, Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey

(3) KunenFest, UW-Madison, April 3-5 2009

(4) Leeds logic seminar
(5) Logic and Mathematics 2009, 3-7 August 2009, York

(6) Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science (CPNSS) Public Lecture, Ivor Grattan-Guinness on Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), Man of Dissent, 16 February 2009 6.30-8pm, LSE

(7) E. W. Beth Dissertation Prize: 2009 call for submissions


(1) Logic Colloquium  2009, Sofia 31 July - 5 August
Deadline for submissions: 15 April, 2009

The Logic Colloquium is the annual European conference on logic,
organised under the auspices of the Association for Symbolic Logic
(ASL). The main events in this year's conference are as follows:

G=C3=B6del lecture:
*   Richard A. Shore (Cornell University)

*   Ulrich Kohlenbach (Technische Universit=C3=A4t Darmstadt)
*   Andre Nies  (University of Auckland)
*   Ralf Schindler (Universit=C3=A4t M=C3=BCnster)

Plenary talks:
*   Elisabeth Bouscaren  (Universit=C3=A9 Paris-Sud 11)
*   S. Barry Cooper (University of Leeds),
*   Thierry Coquand (University of Gothenburg),
*   Ilijas Farah (York University)
*   Valentina S. Harizanov (George Washington University)
*   Stephan Kreutzer (Oxford University)
*   David W. Kueker (University of Maryland)
*   Benjamin Miller (University of California Los Angeles)
*   Itay Neeman (University of California Los Angeles)
*   Dana S. Scott (Carnegie Mellon University)
*   Katrin Tent (University of  Munster)
*   Jouko V=C3=A4=C3=A4n=C3=A4nen (University of Amsterdam)

Special sessions:
*   Logic and Category Theory (Co-chairs: S. Abramsky, S. Shapiro)
*   Computability Theory (Co-chairs: K. Ambos-Spies, I. Soskov)
*   Model Theory, New Directions in Classification Theory (Co-chairs:
      E. Hrushovski, M. Otero)
*   Philosophical Logic (Co-chairs: D. Vakarelov, M. Zakharyashev)
*   Set Theory (Co-chairs: M. Goldstern,  H. Woodin)

Contributed papers will be selected from submissions received by the

Samson Abramsky, Klaus Ambos-Spies, Joan Bagaria (Chair), Fernando
Ferreira, Martin Goldstern, Erich Graedel, Ehud Hrushovski, Tapani
Hyttinen,  Yiannis Moschovakis, Margarita Otero, Stewart Shapiro,
Ivan Soskov and  W. Hugh Woodin

The Programme Committee cordially invites all researchers to submit
contributed papers that have logic research content that lies within the
scope of the interests of the ASL.

Submission Deadline:         15 April 2009
Notification of Authors:     31 April 2009

The abstracts of the contributed talks will be published in The Bulletin
of Symbolic Logic if at least one of the authors is a member of ASL. The
rules for abstract submission can be found at the conference webpage

The ASL will make available modest travel awards to graduate students in
logic and to recent PhD=E2~@~Xs to attend the 2009 ASL European Summer Meet=
in Sofia, Bulgaria. The European Summer Meeting is also supported by a
grant from the US National Science Foundation; NSF funds may be awarded
only to students at USA universities and to citizens and permanent
residents of the USA.

Applications and recommendations must be received before the deadline of
March 30, 2009, by e-mail at or by regular mail at:

Alexandra Soskova
Dept. of Math Logic
Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics
Sofia University
boul. James Bourchier 5
1164, Sofia
Phone:      +359 02 8161 524
Fax: +359 02 8687180

by the Organizing Committee: Alexandra Soskova (Chair), Dimitar Dobrev,
Dimitar Guelev, Lyubomir Ivanov, Stela Nikolova, Solomon Passy, Dimitar
Shiyachki, Mariya Soskova, Mitko Yanchev, Anton Zinoviev


(2) Groups and Models: Cherlin Bayrami.
June 8--12, 2009, Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey.

This meeting is being held to honor Gregory Cherlin on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday. Its focus is on areas of logic and algebra related to Cherlin's work, including model theory, group theory and field theory.

The invited speakers include: Tuna Altinel, John Baldwin, Ayse Berkman, Alexandre Borovik, Jeff Burdges, Inna (Korchagina) Capdeboscq, Zoe Chatzidakis, Adrien Deloro, Rostislav Grigorchuk, Ehud Hrushovski, Eric Jaligot, Moshe Jarden, Alex Lubotzky, Angus Macintyre, Alexander Olshanskii, Bruno Poizat, Zlil Sela, Aner Shalev, Simon Thomas, Pinar Ugurlu, Frank Wagner, Carol Wood and Sukru Yalcinkaya.

The members of the Program Committee are: Alexandre Borovik, Ali Nesin
and Simon Thomas.

The members of the Local Organizing Committee include: Oleg Belegradek, Ayse Berkman, Ozlem Beyarslan, Ali Nesin, David Pierce and Esra Esengelen Sevim.

For further information, visit


(3) KunenFest
There will be a conference in honour of Ken Kunen at UW-Madison, April 3-5. Topics are Set Theory and Set-Theoretic Topology, with some
elements from other subjects of Logic.
   There is an impressive list of invited speakers
for details.
  Contributed talks are welcome and support for graduate
students will be available. To contribute a talk please send
an email of your abstract and title to
Contributions will be accepted until March 10, 2009, when the
Progam Committee will select the contributed talks to be presented.



The logic seminars for this term are listed below. All seminars are on
Wednesdays at 4pm in the MALL unless otherwise indicated. For further
details and updates please see the website:

January 14th
Antonio Montalb=E1n (Chicago)
The Jump of a Structure

January 21st
Peter Koepke (Bonn)
Wellordered Structures and Condensation

February 4th
Peter Schuster (M=FCnchen/Leeds)
Nullstellens=E4tze and Spatiality

February 11th at 2.30pm- Joint workshop with the Philosophy Department

2.30pm - Mark Hogarth (Cambridge)
Pure Mathematics without Turing's Thesis

3.50pm - Barry Cooper (Leeds)
> From Descartes to Turing: The Computational Content of Supervenience

February 18th
Arnold Beckmann (Swansea)

February 25th
Stephan Kreutzer (Oxford)
Computing Excluded Minors

March 4th at 2.30pm in MALL 1 - Two talks

2.30pm - Pietro dello Stritto (Leeds)
Model Theory of Some Point-Line Incidence Structures

4.00pm - Barbara Csima (Waterloo)

March 11th
Natasha Alechina (Nottingham)

April 29th
Dag Normann (Oslo)
Continuous vs Sequential Functionals - Harmony or Disharmony?

May 6th
John Tucker (Swansea)

May 13th at 4pm in Roger Stevens LT 13
Gareth Jones (Bristol)


(5) Logic and Mathematics 09 to be held at the University of York, 3-7 August 2009


Theme: the interaction between ideas or techniques from mathematical logic and other areas of mathematics.

Invited speakers: Mauro Di Nasso (Pisa, Italy), Su Gao (North Texas, USA), Ward Henson (Urbana, USA), Karel Hrbacek (New York, USA), Renling Jin (Charleston, USA), Vladimir Kanovei (Moscow, Russia), Jerry Keisler (Wisconsin, USA), Ulrich Kohlenbach (Darmstadt, Germany), Tom Lindstrom (Oslo, Norway), Peter Loeb (Illinois, USA), Michael Rathjen (Leeds, UK), David Ross (Hawaii, USA), Bas Spitters (Nijmegen, The Netherlands), Yeneng Sun (Singapore)

Scientific Committee:  Nigel Cutland (York) , Renling Jin (Charleston),  Karel Hrbacek (New York),  Jeremy Avigad (Pittsburgh)

Sponsored by:  London Mathematical Society,  British Logic Colloquium, EPSRC


(6) Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science (CPNSS) Public

Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), Man of Dissent

Date: Monday 16 February 2009
Time: 6.30-8pm
Venue: New Theatre, East Building, LSE
Speaker: Professor Ivor Grattan-Guinness

Russell argued against the Great War, but he also wanted to drop atomic
bombs on the Soviet Union after WWII, and later advocated nuclear
disarmament. How could a great logician accommodate such
inconsistencies? How, as a private citizen, did he make such a
world-wide impact?

Ivor Grattan-Guinness is Emeritus Professor of the History of
Mathematics and Logic at Middlesex University, and an associate member
of CPNSS. He has written widely on Russell's logic and philosophy, and
has been an Advisory Editor on the Russell 'Collected papers' edition
since its inception in 1979.

This event is free and open to all with no ticket required. Entry is on
a first come, first served basis. For more information, email or phone 020 7955 7334.

You will also find the event advertised at:

If you are planning to attend this event and would like details on how
to get here and what time to arrive, please refer to


(7) E. W. Beth Dissertation Prize: 2009 call for submissions

Since 2002, FoLLI (the European Association for Logic, Language, and Information,  ) awards the E. W. Beth Dissertation Prize to outstanding dissertations in the fields of Logic, Language, and Information. We invite submissions for the best dissertation which resulted in a Ph.D. degree in the year 2008. The dissertations will be judged on technical depth and strength, originality, and impact made in at least two of the three fields of Logic, Language, and Computation. Inter-disciplinarity is an important feature of the theses competing for the E. W. Beth Dissertation Prize.

Who qualifies. Nominations of candidates are admitted who were awarded a Ph.D. degree in the areas of Logic, Language, or Information between January 1st, 2008 and December 31st, 2008. There is no restriction on the nationality of the candidate or the university where the Ph.D. was granted. After a careful consideration, FoLLI has decided to accept only dissertations written in English. Dissertations produced in 2008 but not written in English or not translated will be allowed for submission, after translation, also with the call next year (for 2009). Respectively, nominations of full English translations of theses originally written in other language than English and defended in 2007 and 2008 will be accepted for consideration this year, too.

The prize consists of:

*         a certificate

*         a donation of 2500 euros provided by the E. W. Beth Foundation.

* an invitation to submit the thesis (or a revised version of it) to the new series of books in Logic, Language and Information to be published by Springer-Verlag as part of LNCS or LNCS/LNAI. (Further information on this series is available on the FoLLI site)

How to submit. Only electronic submissions are accepted. The following documents are required:

1. the thesis in pdf or ps format (doc/rtf not accepted); 2. a ten page abstract of the dissertation in ascii or pdf format; 3. a letter of nomination from the thesis supervisor. Self-nominations are not admitted: each nomination must be sponsored by the thesis supervisor. The letter of nomination should concisely describe the scope and significance of the dissertation and state when the degree was officially awarded; 4. two additional letters of support, including at least one letter from a referee not affiliated with the academic institution that awarded the Ph.D. degree.

All documents must be submitted electronically to Hard copy submissions are not admitted.

In case of any problems with the email submission or a lack of notification
within three working days after submission, nominators should write to   or, with a cc to

Important dates:
Deadline for Submissions: March 16, 2009.
Notification of Decision: July 1, 2009.

Committee :

*         Anne Abeillé (Université Paris 7)

*         Natasha Alechina (University of Nottingham)

*         Wojciech Buszkowski (Adam Mickiewicz University,  Poznan)

*         Didier Caucal (IGM-CNRS)

*         Nissim Francez (The Technion, Haifa)

*         Valentin Goranko  (chair) (University of the Witwatersrand,

*         Alexander Koller (Saarland University)

*         Alessandro Lenci (University of Pisa)

*         Gerald Penn (University of Toronto)

*         Alberto Policriti (Università di Udine)

*         Rob van der Sandt (University of Nijmegen)

*         Colin Stirling (University of Edinburgh)

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