BLC Newsletter July 2004

Registered Charity No 275541

President           Professor J B Paris FBA [Manchester]
Vice-President      Professor J M E Hyland [Cambridge]
Treasurer           Dr R Dyckhoff [St Andrews]
Secretary           Dr M Dzamonja [East Anglia]
                    Professor D Macpherson [Leeds]
                    Dr E Ritter [Birmingham]
                    Professor T Williamson FBA FRSE [Oxford]

Dear members,

Please find attached the minutes of the BLC Committee Meeting
that was held in Leeds on March 20th. Connected to the
discussion of the committee are several items I am commenting
upon in this paragraph. Firstly, I am sending for your
information in a separate message
a complete list of members' email addresses, and here below you can find the
postal addresses of those members that are not reachable by email.
Secondly, may I remind the members of the existence of a Ph.D. database 
for logic theses at BLC- please make sure that the database
is up to date by sending the relevant information to our webmaster
Eike Ritter. 

I have a great pleasure in informing you that one of our
members, Professor Boris Zilber of the Oxford University,
was awarded the senior Berwick Prize by the London Mathematical
Society for his paper 'Exponential sums equations and the
Schanuel conjecture', J. London Math. Soc. (2) 65 (2002).
Congratulations Boris!

BLC members have a discount on a large range of Oxford University Press
books, and I am enclosing an announcement below. The new simplified
procedure to obtain this discount is to access a web page whose
login and password will only be known to our membiers. I am sending you
the necessary information in a separate message.

Finally, let me recall again that 
our Annual Meeting will be held in Leeds from 6-8 of September.
Watch the web site
for further announcements and please note the enclosed
more detailed announcement.

Table of contents:

(1) Oxford Univeristy Press books announcement

(2) New monograph by David Pym and Eike Ritter

(3) BLC Annual Meeting

(4) Postal addresses of members not reachable by email

(5) New Journal: Logical Methods in Computer Science

    Best wishes to all, Mirna.


We're pleased to offer BLC members 20% discount on a large range of 
Logic books from Oxford University Press, including the authoritative 
Oxford Logic Guides series, and our recently established Oxford Texts 
in Logic.

The Oxford Logic Guides is an outstanding series for logicians, 
mathematicians, computer scientists and philosophers which fosters 
in-depth knowledge and interdisciplinary studies alike. It includes 
texts and monographs, providing material for the study of logic at an 
intermediate level, along with authoritative reference works.  Our 
latest book in this series is Reductive Logic and Proof-search - Proof 
Theory, Semantics, and Control by David J. Pym, and Eike Ritter. This 
book is available to BLC members for #52.00 (RRP #65.00).
[see below for a more detailed announcement of this book]

In July we also published the first title in our new Oxford Texts in 
Logic series, A First Course in Logic - An Introduction to Model 
Theory, Proof Theory, Computability, and Complexity by Shawn Hedman, is 
an introduction to the basics of classical logic and is available in to 
BLC members for #23.99 (RRP #29.99).

Get more information on all our logic books, and purchase with your 20% 
discount, online at:

(Please note: this offer is only available when books are ordered 
online direct from OUP)

New monograph by David Pym and Eike Ritter in the Oxford Logic Guide
Series published by OUP 

Reductive Logic and Proof-search: Proof Theory, Semantics, and Control
by David Pym and Eike Ritter.

This book is a specialized monograph on the development of the
mathematical and computational metatheory of reductive logic and
proof-search, including proof-theoretic, semantic/model-theoretic and
algorithmic aspects. The scope ranges from the conceptual background
to reductive logic, through its mathematical metatheory, to its modern
applications in the computational sciences. 


Foreword by Lincoln Wallen
1 Deductive Logic, Reductive Logic, and Proof-search
2 Lambda-calculi for Intuitionistic and Classical Proofs
3 The Semantics of Intuitionistic and Classical Proofs
4 Proof Theory for Reductive Logic
5 Semantics for Reductive Logic
6 Intuitionistic and Classical Proof-search and Their Semantics

For more information see

also linked from

British Logic Colloquium 2004, University of Leeds, September 6--8. 
Registrations for this event are open, and there is an online 
registration form on the website,
General enquiries should be addressed to 
Dugald Macpherson (

The meeting is supported by the London Mathematical Society annd 
the British Logic Colloquium


Prof P Geach
3 Richmond Road

Dr Z Georgis
22 St Mark's Crescent
Primrose Hill

Dr H Parkin 
Turing House
1 Southbridge Grove
Kents Hill
MILTON KEYNES, Buckinghamshire, MK7 6HW


L O G I C A L   M E T H O D S    I N   C O M P U T E R   S C I E N C E
>Dear Colleague:
>We are writing to inform you about a new open-access, online, refereed
>journal: "Logical Methods in Computer Science". As an open-access
>publication, the journal will be freely available on the web. This new
>journal will be devoted to all theoretical and practical topics in
>computer science related to logic in a broad sense.  You can find the
homepage at
>The journal will open to submissions on September 1, 2004.
>It will be published under the auspices of The International Federation
>for Computational Logic:
>The journal will technically be published as an overlay of the Computing
>Research Repository (CoRR), see
>On the homepage you find a flier and a leaflet containing the basic
>information about the new journal. We would appreciate your posting
>and distributing the information, and encouraging potential authors to
>submit to Logical Methods in Computer Science.
>You may have heard about the various developments in the past couple of
>years in regard to the Open Access movement, see, e.g.,:
>and the link
>      "Landscape..."
>at the jornal website. The open-access idea is that knowledge,
>including scientific knowledge, should be widely and readily available
>to society, in a stable and long-term form. The Internet and electronic
>publishing provides an evident means to that end. Not unrelated are
>concerns arising from the increasingly high prices charged commercially.
>There are already a few open-access journals in Computer Science, e.g.:
> and
>We are convinced that now is the time to start one in our area of logic
>and computer science.
>Yours Sincerely,
>Jiri Adamek,
>Gordon D. Plotkin,
>Dana S. Scott
>Moshe Y. Vardi


Dr Mirna Dzamonja
School of Mathematics
University of East Anglia
Norwich, NR47TJ

phone: +44-1603-592981
fax: +44-1603-593868
The minutes of the committee meeting on 30 March 2004 are here.

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