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Dear members,

In this issue:

(1) Extended deadline for LMPS in Beijing
(2) a funded PhD position
(3) The Square of Opposition and  UNILOG'07
(4) [CiE] Call for Informal Presentations

   Best wishes to all, Mirna


      To the National Members of IUHPS/DLMPS,

      Please find below an announcement of an extension of the
      deadline for our LMPS Congress in Beijing this summer. I
      would very much appreciate if you could distribute the
      information via email to prospective participants in your

      Thank you in advance,

      -Dag Westerstahl
      Secretary-General IUHPS/DLMPS


      The deadline for contributed papers to the LMPS Congress
      in Beijing, August 9-15, 2007, has been extended to April

      The deadline for payment of the regular congress fee is
      as before, May 15.

      Why not spend a week in August in bustling Beijing,
      listening to and meeting top scholars in logic,
      methodology and philosophy of science? The congress fee
      includes a reception, a farewell dinner, and a tour to
      the Great Wall.

      Details below.



      Beijing, China, August 9 - 15, 2007

      The congress is held for the first time in Asia,
      organized by the International Union for History and
      Philosophy of Science, Division of Logic, Methodology and
      Philosophy of Science (IUHPS/DLMPS), and Tsinghua
      University, Beijing. The congress features plenary
      speakers, invited speakers in 16 sections, a number of
      special symposia, affiliated meetings, and contributed
      papers in each section. The sections are:

      A LOGIC
      A1 Mathematical logic
      A2 Philosophical and applied logic
      A3 Logic and computation

      B1 General problems of methodology and scientific
      B2 Formal approaches to methodology
      B3 Historical and sociological aspects in the philosophy
      of science

      C1 Philosophy of mathematics and logic
      C2 Philosophy of physics
      C3 Philosophy of biology
      C4 Philosophy of cognitive science, psychology and
      C5 Philosophy of economics, theories of rationality,
      decision theory, game theory
      C6 Philosophy of social sciences
      C7 Philosophy of medicine

      D1 Ethical issues in scientific practice and technology
      D2 Bioethics
      D3 Science and education

      For information about organizers, invited speakers,
      symposia, registration, submission of abstracts,
      accommodation, travel, excursions, etc. visit


      or send email to .

      Some main points:

      -  Register on-line now and pay the fee by May 15, 2007.

      -  The full participation fee is US $ 250, and $ 125 for
      students and accompanying persons.

      -  A limited number of grants are available.

      -  The congress venue (talks as well as accommodation) is
      the Friendship Hotel in Beijing.


Fully funded PhD studentship: Computational Logic of Euclidean Spaces
Institution: School of Computer Science, University of Manchester

Start date for project: September 1st, 2007 Closing date for
applications: May 31st, 2007

The School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester is
offering a fully funded PhD position as part of a 3-year research
project jointly undertaken with Birkbeck College, London and the
University of Hasselt (Belgium) on the subject of "Computational
Geometry of Euclidean Spaces". The Principal Investigators of the
Project are Dr. Ian Pratt-Hartmann (
and Prof. Michael Zakharyaschev (

By a "spatial logic", we understand any formal language interpreted
over a class of geometrical structures (broadly construed). Thus,
spatial logic is concerned with the interface between logic and
geometry (including topology). In recent years, substantial progress
has been made in analysing of the computational and mathematical
properties of various spatial logics. However, most of this progress
has centred on logics of very abstract "spaces", having little
practical significance.  The aim of this research project is to
investigate the computational properties of practically applicable
spatial and spatio-temporal logics interpreted over 2- and
3-dimensional Euclidean spaces, and to develop and implement
algorithms for reasoning with them. The concrete objectives are as

1. Analyse the computational complexity of decidable topological
representation formalisms over well-behaved regions in the Euclidean
plane. Identify tractable fragments. Develop and implement reasoning

2. Analyse the computational complexity of decidable metric
representation formalisms over well-behaved regions in the Euclidean
plane. Develop and implement reasoning procedures.

3. Investigate topological and metrical representation formalisms over
well-behaved regions in 3-dimensional Euclidean space and
3-dimensional spatio-temporal structures. Identify decidable

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to contribute to
any of these objectives.  Applicants should have a 1st class or good
2.1 honours degree (or equivalent) or Master's degree in either
Mathematics (with good knowledge of computing) or Computer Science
(with a firm mathematical background). Strong candidates with other
backgrounds (e.g. in the physical sciences) who can demonstrate the
requisite background knowledge and interests will also be considered.

Studentships are open to UK/EU residents and will pay fees together
with a maintenance award of UKP 12,300 per annum for the duration of
the programme.

Contact for further information: Dr. Ian Pratt-Hartmann:

How to apply: In the first instance please send detailed curriculum
vitae including at least two referees (email address preferred) to:

      Dr Ian Pratt-Hartmann
      School of Computer Science
      Manchester University
      Manchester M13 9PL

as soon as possible.

Formal application to be admitted by the PhD program in the School of
Computer Science at the University of Manchester needs to be made
separately. See


The Square of Opposition - International Congress
Montreux, Switzerland, June 1-3, 2007

This will be the first international congress dedicated entirely to the square of opposition, considered in its various aspects.

There will be talks by the best specialists of the square and this will be also an interdisciplinary event gathering people from various fields : logic, philosophy, mathematics, psychology, linguistics, anthropology, semiotics. Visual and artistic representations of the square will also be presented.

Invited speakers include Pascal Engel, Laurence Horn, Saul Kripke, Terence Parsons, Pieter Seuren, Jan Wolenski.

The extended deadline for submission of contributed papers is March 1st 2007.  Any contribution related to the square is welcome.

For further information, visit the website below:  /


2nd World Congress and School on Universal Logic - Call for papers
Xi'an, China, August 16--22, 2007

This event is the second in a series of events whose objective is to gather
logicians from all orientations (philosophy, mathematics, computer science,
linguistics, artificial intelligence, etc) - people not focusing only on
some specific systems of logic or some particular problems, but inquiring
the fundamental concepts of logic.
There will be a four days school with about 20 tutorials followed by a 3
days congress. Among the participants there will be Walter Carnielli,
Valentin Goranko, Marcus Kracht, Vincent Hendricks, Wilfrid Hodges, Istvan
N%G�%@meti, Gabriel Sandu, Stan Surma, Heinrich Wansing and many others.
The deadline for submission of contributed papers is March 15, 2007. There
will also be a contest with subject: how to translate a logic into another
This event will take place in Xi'an, the ancient capital of China, just
after the 13th LMPS to happen in Beijing.
For further information, visit the website below: 



                  CiE'07: COMPUTABILITY IN EUROPE 2007


                          University of Siena
                        Siena, 18 - 23 June 2007


                        DEADLINE: 27 April, 2007

* THERE IS A REMARKABLE DIFFERENCE in conference style between computer
science and mathematics conferences. Mathematics conferences allow for
informal presentations that are prepared very shortly before the conference and inform the participants about current research and work in progress. The format of computer science conferences with pre-produced proceedings volumes is not able to accommodate this form of scientific communication. Continuing the tradition established at CiE 2005 in Amsterdam, and at CiE 2006 in Swansea, the 2007 conference in Siena endeavours to get the best of both worlds.

* IN ADDITION TO THIS YEAR'S RECORD NUMBER of formal presentations based on our projected LNCS and local proceedings volumes, we invite researchers to present informal presentations. For this, please send us a brief description of your talk (up to and approaching one page in length) before 27 April 2007.

* PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR ABSTRACT via the online Submission Form at:

* If you submit an informal presentation, you will get an e-mail with a
decision on acceptance or rejection within two weeks of your submission.

* Let us add that there will be four post-conference special issues of
journals for CiE 2007. See:

* All speakers, including the speakers of informal presentations, are
eligible to be invited to submit a full journal version of their talk to one of the post-conference publications.


Pieter Adriaans (Amsterdam)
Yaakov Benenson (Harvard)
Anne Condon (Vancouver)
Stephen Cook (Toronto)
Yuri Ershov (Novosibirsk)
Wolfgang Maass (Graz)
Sophie Laplante (Paris)
Anil Nerode (Cornell)
Roger Penrose (Oxford)
Michael Rathjen (Leeds)
Dana Scott (Carnegie Mellon)
Robert I. Soare (Chicago)
Philip Welch (Bristol)


Eric Allender (Rutgers)
Andrej Bauer (Ljubljana)
Vasco Brattka (Cape Town)
Douglas Bridges (Canterbury, NZ)
John Case (Newark, Delaware)
Pieter Collins (Amsterdam)
Thierry Coquand (Goeteborg)
Felix Costa (Lisbon)
Barbara F. Csima (Waterloo)
Abbas Edalat (London)
Martin Escardo (Birmingham)
Joerg Flum (Freiburg)
Sergey S. Goncharov (Novosibirsk)
Hajime Ishihara (Tokyo)
Natasha Jonoska (Tampa, Florida)
Michal Koucky (Prague)
James Ladyman (Bristol)
Maria Emilia Maietti (Padua)
Giancarlo Mauri (Milan)
Klaus Meer (Odense)
Itamar Pitowsky (Jerusalem)
Robert Rettinger (Hagen)
Grzegorz Rozenberg (Leiden)
Frank Stephan (Singapore)
Neil Thapen (Prague)
Giuseppe Trautteur (Naples)
Heribert Vollmer (Hannover)
Osamu Watanabe (Tokyo)
Jiri Wiedermann (Prague)
Damien Woods (Cork)
Liang Yu (Nanjing)
Martin Ziegler (Paderborn)

WOMEN IN COMPUTABILITY WORKSHOP in association with the Computer Research
Association's Committee on the Status of Women in Computing Research (CRA-W) Organisers: Paola Bonizzoni, Elvira Mayordomo. Speakers: Anne Condon (Vancouver), Natasha Jonoska (Florida), Carmen Leccardi (Milan), and others

CONFIRMED SPONSORS OF CiE 2007: AILA (Associazione Italiana di Logica e
Applicazioni), EATCS (European Association for Theoretical Computer
Science), ASL (Association for Symbolic Logic), EACSL (European Association for Computer Science Logic), FoLLI (The Association of Logic, Language and Information), GNSAGA-INdAM (Gruppo Nazionale per le Strutture Algebriche e Geometriche e loro Applicazioni-Istituto NAzionale di Alta Matematica) and The University of Siena.

* CiE 2007 will be co-located with CCA 2007, the annual CCA (Computability and Complexity in Analysis) Conference:



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