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President           Professor J M E Hyland [Cambridge]
Vice-President      Professor T Williamson FBA FRSE [Oxford]
Treasurer           Professor D Macpherson [Leeds]
Secretary           Dr N Alechina [Nottingham]
                     Dr U Berger [Swansea]
                     Dr E Ritter [Birmingham]
                     Dr G Wilmers [Manchester]

Dear members,

here is the May newsletter.

Best wishes, Natasha.


(1) Logical Pluralism conference, 27-31 August 2008, Tartu, Estonia
(3) CLIMA-IX call for papers


27-31 August 2008, University of Tartu, Estonia

Daniel Cohnitz (University of Tartu)
Peter Pagin (Stockholm University)
Marcus Rossberg (Arch=E9, University of St Andrews)


JC Beall (Connecticut)
Manuel Bremer  (D=FCsseldorf)
Hartry Field (NYU)
Per Martin-L=F6f (Stockholm)
Peter Pagin (Stockholm)
Nikolaj Jang Pedersen (UCLA)
Dag Prawitz (Stockholm)
Graham Priest (Melbourne)
Agust=EDn Rayo (MIT)
Stephen Read (St Andrews)
Greg Restall (Melbourne)
Marcus Rossberg (St Andrews)
Stewart Shapiro (Ohio State)
Johan van Benthem (Amsterdam / Stanford)
Dag Westerst=E5hl (Gothenburg)

The conference will take place in Tartu, Estonia, from August 27-31 =20
2008. For more information, please visit:

Everyone interested is invited to participate. To plan the event, =20
however, we would need your registration by July 1, 2008.

Please send us an email to

Participants are responsible for making their own travel and =20
accommodation arrangements. However, we have reserved some places in =20
a nearby student dormitory. Please indicate in your registration when =20=

you are interested in staying at the student dormitory.

The conference is sponsored by the Swedish Bank Tercentenary Fund.



UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER   7th - 11th July 2008

This is a training event aimed primarily at PhD students working in
Mathematical Logic or a closely related area. MATHLOGAPS is a Marie Curie
Early Stage Training Site (running 1/9/04 - 31/8/08) funding PhD
studentships and short term visits by PhD students in mathematical logic
at the Universities of Leeds, Manchester, Lyon 1, Lyon Ecole Normale
Sup=E9rieure and Munich. PhD students or others who are not part of the
network are warmly invited to participate in the workshop.

Short lectures courses will be given by

    * Peter Aczel (Manchester): Constructive Set Theory
    * Larry Moss (Indiana): Coalgebra and Circularity
    * Jouko Vaananen (Amsterdam & Helsinki): Playing Games on Models
    * Alex Wilkie (Manchester): An introduction to O-minimal Structures



    * Peter Aczel 
    * Jeff Paris 
    * Mike Prest
    * Marcus Tressl
    * Alena Vencovska 
    * Alex Wilkie
    * George Wilmers 


(3)                          CALL FOR PAPERS

             9th International Workshop on Computational
               Logic in Multi-Agent Systems [CLIMA-IX]

             Dresden, Germany  29th-30th September, 2008
                     [ co-located with JELIA'2008 ]

          [ ]

The 9th International Workshop on Computational Logic in Multi-Agent
Systems (CLIMA-IX) will be held in Dresden, Germany on the 29th and
30th September.  CLIMA-IX will be co-located with JELIA 2008, the 11th
European Conference on Logics in Artificial Intelligence, which runs
from 28th September to 1st October, 2008. See

Multi-Agent Systems are communities of problem-solving entities that
can perceive and act upon their environment in order to achieve both
their individual goals and their joint goals. The work on such systems
integrates many technologies and concepts from artificial intelligence
and other areas of computing as well as other disciplines. Over recent
years, the agent paradigm gained popularity, due to its applicability
to a full spectrum of domains, such as search engines, recommendation
systems, educational support, e-procurement, simulation and routing,
electronic commerce and trade, etc. Computational logic provides a
well-defined, general, and rigorous framework for studying the syntax,
semantics and procedures for the various tasks in individual agents,
as well as the interaction between, and integration amongst, agents in
multi-agent systems. It also provides tools, techniques and standards
for implementations and environments, for linking specifications to
implementations, and for the verification of properties of individual
agents, multi-agent systems and their implementations.

In this workshop we aim to bring together researchers from all these
areas to discuss and present their work.

Relevant topics include, but are not limited to, the following (all
with a focus on agents, multi-agent systems, or agent organisations):

     * logical foundations
     * extensions of logic programming
     * modal logic approaches
     * logic-based programming languages
     * non-monotonic reasoning
     * decision theory
     * hypothetical reasoning and learning
     * knowledge and belief representation and updates
     * operational semantics and execution agent models
     * model checking approaches using (multi-)agent logics
     * semantics of interaction and agent communication languages
     * distributed constraint satisfaction
     * temporal reasoning
     * distributed theorem proving
     * logic-based implementations
     * specification and verification of formal properties

We invite submissions of high quality, original papers, which are not
simultaneously submitted for publication elsewhere. Papers should be
written in English, formatted according to the Springer Verlag LNCS
style, which can be obtained from, and
not exceed 16 pages including figures, references, etc. Each paper
should include some examples illustrating the proposed techniques.

Submissions must be made via

Submissions will be reviewed and selected and a printed volume of the
proceedings will be available at the workshop. We aim to publish a
selection of extended workshop papers in a Post-Proceedings volume
within the Springer Verlag LNAI series, as in previous years; see

Submission Deadline:   9th July 2008
Notification:          9th August 2008
Camera Ready Copy Due: 5th September 2008
CLIMA IX:              29th-30th September 2008

  Michael Fisher     (Liverpool, UK)
  Fariba Sadri       (Imperial, UK)
  Michael Thielscher (Dresden, DE)
    Natasha Alechina       (Nottingham, UK)
    Jose Julio Alferes     (Lisbon, PT)
    Rafael Bordini         (Durham, UK)
    Gerhard Brewka         (Leipzig, DE)
    Stefania Costantini    (L'Aquila, IT)
    Mehdi Dastani          (Utrecht, NL)
    Juergen Dix            (Clausthal, NL)
    Chiara Ghidini         (Trento, IT)
    James Harland          (RMIT, AUS)
    Hisashi Hayashi        (Toshiba, JP)
    Wiebe van der Hoek     (Liverpool, UK)
    Katsumi Inoue          (NII, JP)
    Joao Leite             (Lisbon, PT)
    Fangzhen Lin           (UST, HK)
    Viviana Mascardi       (Genoa, IT)
    Paola Mello            (Bologna, IT)
    John-Jules Meyer       (Utrecht, NL)
    Leora Morgenstern      (Stanford, USA)
    Naoyuki Nide           (Nara, JP)
    Mehmet Orgun           (Macquarie, AUS)
    Maurice Pagnucco       (NSW, AUS)
    Jeremy Pitt            (Imperial, UK)
    Enrico Pontelli        (New Mexico, USA)
    Chiaki Sakama          (Wakayama, JP)
    Ken Satoh              (NII, JP)
    Renate Schmidt         (Manchester, UK)
    Tran Cao Son           (New Mexico, USA)
    Francesca Toni         (Imperial, UK)
    Marina de Vos          (Bath, UK)
    Cees Witteveen         (Delft, NL)

                                January 7--11, 2009
                        The Institute of Mathematical Sciences,
                                Chennai, India

                                FIRST CALL FOR PAPERS

ALI, the Association for Logic in India, announces the next edition of
its biennial International Conference on Logic and its Applications
(ICLA), to be held at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai,
from January 7 to 11, 2009.

ICLA is a forum for bringing together researchers from a wide variety of
fields that formal logic plays a significant role in, along with
mathematicians, philosophers and logicians studying foundations of
formal logic in itself.  A special feature of this conference is the
inclusion of  studies in systems of logic in the Indian tradition, and
historical research on logic.

The earlier events in this series featured many eminent logicians as
invited speakers, as will be the case this year as well. See for information on past events as well as updates
on this conference.


Authors are invited to submit papers presenting original and unpublished
research in any area of logic and applications.  Papers on topics of
current interest in pure and applied logic, foundations and philosophy
of mathematics and the sciences, areas of theoretical computer science,
artificial intelligence and other disciplines which are of direct
interest to mathematical and philosophical logic, as well as articles on
the relationship between logic and other branches of knowledge, or on
history of logic, are welcome. Of special interest are articles on
historical Indian systems of logic, especially in relation to modern
logical studies.

Submitted papers will be peer-reviewed and accepted papers will be
published in the conference proceedings, which will be made available at
the time of the conference. It is expected that the conference
proceedings will appear as a volume in the FoLLI series of Springer
Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence; this will be confirmed soon. 

Deadline for Submission (in electronic form):               18 July 2008
Notification to Authors:                               22 September 2008
Deadline for camera-ready papers:                        10 October 2008


Authors may submit drafts of full papers or extended abstracts. The
submission must not exceed 12 pages in Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes
LaTeX style. If appropriate, proof details omitted in the paper may be
added in an appendix meant for the reviewers. Concurrent submissions to
other conferences/journals are not admissible.

For an accepted paper to be included in the proceedings, one of the
authors must commit to presenting the paper at the conference.

Important Links

Programme Committee

Natasha Alechina (University of Nottingham)
Mohua Banerjee (IIT Kanpur)
Agata Ciabattoni (TU Wien)
Jonardon Ganeri (University of Sussex)
Mai Gehrke (RU Nijmegen)
Kevin Kelly (CMU)
Kamal Lodaya (IMSc, Chennai)
Benedikt Loewe (ILLC, Amsterdam)
Lawrence Moss (Indiana University)
Ranjan Mukhopadhyay (Visva Bharati, Santiniketan)
Eric Pacuit (Stanford University)
Arun Kumar Pujari (University of Hyderabad)
N Raja (TIFR, Mumbai)
R Ramanujam (IMSc, Chennai), co-chair
K Ramasubramanian (IIT Bombay)
Sundar Sarukkai (NIAS, Bangalore), co-chair
Mark Siderits (Illinois State University)


Sujata Ghosh (ISI Kolkata)
S Krishna (IIT Bombay)
Sunil Simon (IMSc, Chennai)
Arindam Singh (IIT Madras)
S P Suresh (CMI, Chennai), chair


ICLA 2009
The Institute of Mathematical Sciences
CIT Campus
Chennai 600113, India
Phone:                  +91 44 2254 1856
Fax:                    +91 44 2254 1586


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