BLC Newsletter October 2005

Registered Charity No 275541

President           Professor J B Paris FBA [Manchester]
Vice-President      Professor J M E Hyland [Cambridge]
Treasurer           Professor D Macpherson [Leeds]
Secretary           Dr M Dzamonja [East Anglia]
                    Dr N Alechina [Nottingham]
                    Dr E Ritter [Birmingham]
                    Professor T Williamson FBA FRSE [Oxford]

Dear members,

The minutes of our Annual General Meeting held in Bristol, September
1, 2005 are now available on the web site.

I enclose below two conference announcements and two seminar announcements.
         Best wishes, Mirna.
(1) ICOS-5, Buxton, April 2006
(2) Leeds logic seminar
(3) Oxford logic seminar
(4) summer school in model theory


                    *** CALL FOR PAPERS ***

                        5th workshop on



                Buxton, England, 20-21 April 2006


              Submission deadline: 16 January 2006

      Endorsed by SIGSEM, the Association for Computational
        Linguistics (ACL) Special Interest Group (SIG) on
                    computational semantics.


Natural Language Processing has reached a stage where the exploration
and development of inference is one of its most pressing tasks. On the
theoretical side, it is clear that inference plays a key role in such
areas as semantic construction and the management of discourse and
dialogue. On the practical side, the use of sophisticated inference
methods could lead to improvements in application areas such as
natural language generation, automatic question answering, and spoken
dialogue systems.

ICoS-5 is intended to bring together researchers interested in
inference-oriented NLP from areas such as Computational Linguistics,
Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Formal Semantics, and

We invite submissions addressing the theme of inference in
computational semantics broadly construed. Subjects relevant to ICoS-5
include but are not restricted to:

- natural language generation
- natural language pragmatics
- discourse and dialogue processing
- (spoken) dialogue systems
- underspecified representations - ambiguity resolution
- interfacing lexical and computational semantics
- lexically-driven inference
- inference for shallow semantics
- inference in question answering
- recognising textual entailment
- background knowledge: use and acquisition
- applications of semantic resources
  (e.g. CYC, WordNet, FrameNet, PropBank, ontologies)
- automatic ontology creation
- common-sense reasoning in NLP
- temporal and epistemic reasoning
- resource-bounded inference
- applications of automated reasoning
  (e.g. model building, model checking, theorem proving)
- alternative inference strategies
  (e.g. abduction, nonmonotonic reasoning, default)
- decidable fragments of natural language - controlled languages
- natural language inference in decidable logics
  (e.g. description logic)
- probabilistic and statistical approaches to inference
- machine learning and inference
- inference and information extraction and/or text mining
- novel applications (e.g. semantic web)
- evaluation methodolgies and resources for inference
- robustness and scalability of inference
- system descriptions

Submitted papers should not exceed 10 pages (A4, single column, 12
point font) including references.  All submissions must be in PDF, and
must be sent by email to

We also encourage submission of papers describing systems that show
aspects of inference in computational semantics. There will be a
separate slot at the workshop where people can demonstrate their
systems. System descriptions should follow the same submission
guidelines as regular papers.

     Submission Deadline: January 16, 2006.
     Notification: February 20, 2006.
     Final Versions: March 20, 2006.
     Conference: April 20-21, 2006.


     Carlos Areces
     Peter Baumgartner
     Christoph Benzmueller
     Raffaella Bernardi
     Patrick Blackburn
     Johan Bos (co-chair)
     Harry Bunt
     Ann Copestake
     Dick Crouch
     Ido Dagan
     Kees van Deemter
     Nissim Francez
     Claire Gardent
     Alexander Koller (co-chair)
     Shalom Lappin
     Alex Lascarides
     Bernardo Magnini
     Katja Markert
     Dan Moldovan
     Jeff Pelletier
     Maarten de Rijke
     Michael Schiehlen
     Matthew Stone
     Bonnie Webber

As well as producing the workshop proceedings, we plan to publish a
selection of accepted papers as a book or special issue of a journal.


Dear All,

as usual, there will be a weekly Logic Seminar which will be held
Wednesday at 4pm in room H (with tea at 3.30pm).
Please find below the preliminary list of talks.
For more up to date
      information check out

Abstracts of the first two talks are appended.

All welcome


 *                 LEEDS LOGIC SEMINAR                        *
 *                     AUTUMN 2005                                    *

September 28th John Mayberry (Bristol)
               Closure and embedding in simply infinite systems

October 5th    No seminar

 October 12th  Klaus Thiel (Munich)
               Constructive Finiteness

October 19th  Dugald Macpherson (Leeds)
              Model theory and automorphism groups

October 26th  NN
November 2nd  No seminar
November 9th  NN
November 16th NN

November 23rd Roy Dyckhoff (St Andrews)
              Decision methods for linearly ordered Heyting algebras
              (title to be confirmed)

November 30th NN
December 7th  NN


Subject: Logic seminars in Oxford


The following seminars will take place in the Mathematical Institute at 3.15 on Fridays.

14 Oct  Piotr Kowalski (Oxford)
          "Strongly minimal expansions of the additive group of complex

21 Oct  No seminar- There's a Maths Colloquium preceded by the postponed
         Alleyne Jackson talk on Grothendieck.

28 Oct  Alex Wilkie (Oxford)
          "Some local definability theory for holomorphic functions."

4  Nov  Martin Ziegler (Freiburg and Leeds)
          "A field with red points."

11 Nov  Anand Pillay (Leeds)
          "Imaginaries in pairs."

18 Nov  Richard Elwes (Leeds)
          "Asymptotic classes and measurable structures."

25 Nov  David Evans (UEA)
          "Expansions of fields by angular functions."

2  Dec  Jan Krajicek (Prague)
          "Logic and cryptography."


Dear All,
  You may have gathered that there will be a `summer school' in model theory, in Leeds, December 12--17 (last lecture on Dec 16).
There will be lecture courses  of 5--6 lectures each by Mike Prest,
Eric Jaligot, Angus Macintyre, backed up by tutorial discussions in the evenings.
It is really pitched at first and second year model theory PhD
students, or possibly others, perhaps more advanced, who work in
another field but want to learn some model theory. There are brief
synopses of the courses on the web page

The summer school is the first event of the Marie Curie Research
Training Network in model theory MODNET, but we warmly welcome
participants from outside this. I have applied to the LMS for %G�%@1000 to
support UK-based PhD students. I've heard something positive about this, but cannot confirm yet that it will be available -- hopefully I will hear soon. On the webpage,
I have put October 31 as a registration deadline, and after that, we
will try to divide what money we have evenly to support bona fide
UK-based students who need it. People  can register later (though I'd
much prefer to have numbers by then) but support may no longer be

Anyway, if you have students/know of students,  who might be interested, please do encourage them to come. Incidentally, immediately afterwards (Dec 17--19) there is in Leeds a short workshop on o-minimality organised by Anand Pillay.

Yours,  Dugald (Macpherson)

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