BLC Newsletter October 2009

Registered Charity No 275541

President           Professor J M E Hyland [Cambridge]
Vice-President      Professor T Williamson FBA FRSE [Oxford]
Treasurer           Professor D Macpherson [Leeds]
Secretary           Dr N Alechina [Nottingham]
                     Dr U Berger [Swansea]
                     Dr E Ritter [Birmingham]
                     Dr G Wilmers [Manchester]


(1) World Congress and School on Universal Logic III (April 18-25, 2010, Lisbon, Portugal)

(2) Journal Logical Methods in Computer Science


(1) The third edition of the World Congress and School on Universal Logic will
happen April 18-25, 2010 in Lisbon, Portugal.

There will be:
10 invited speakers, among them: Hartry Field,  George Graetzer, Yuri
Gurevich, Gehrard Jaeger, Dana Scott

10 special sessions, among them: logic diagrams, substructural logics,
non-classical mathematics, categorical logic, mutlimodal logics, paradoxes

21 tutorials, among them: Hybrid logic, Logical Pluralism, Erotetic
Logics, Truth-values, Refutation, Ideospheres, How to cut and paste
logical systems

1 contest: How to combine logics?

Submission deadline for contributed talks has been extended to November
15, 2009

World Congress and School on Universal Logic III
April 18-25, 2010, Lisbon, Portugal
(2) Logical Methods in Computer Science, letter from the editors:

Dear Colleague:

We would like to bring the community up to date on the journal

     Logical Methods in Computer Science

We started this fully refereed, open access, free electronic journal in 
January 2005, intending to create a high-level platform for publications 
in all theoretical and practical areas in computer science involving 
logical methods, taken in a broad sense. We are now on Issue 3 of Volume 5 
(there are four issues a year). So far, we have received more than 350 
submissions of which we have published 162. In addition to individual 
submissions, our journal publishes special issues, e.g., of selected 
papers of high-level international conferences such as LICS, IJCAR, CAV, 
CSL, and RTA.

We are continuing actively to develop the journal. For example, we accept 
survey articles, and are developing `live' surveys, which can be 
continually updated as knowledge progresses. In another direction, we are 
considering allowing authors to provide additional material of an 
expository nature, such as slides and videos, to enable them to interest a 
wider spectrum of readers in their contribution.

The journal is an overlay of CoRR, the computer science repository of 
arXiv. There are no fees for authors nor for readers. Every paper is 
refereed by two or more referees, and high standards are applied. The 
editorial board consists of about sixty top specialists in all areas of 
logic in computer science.

The journal is covered by Mathematical Reviews, the ISI Web of Knowledge, 
and the DBLP Database.

We welcome your comments and suggestions, and we seek your contributions! 
For more information please consult our web pages:


Editor-in-Chief:   Dana S. Scott 
Managing Editors:  Benjamin C. Pierce 
                    Gordon D. Plotkin 
                    Moshe Y. Vardi 
Executive Editors: Jiri Adamek 
                    Stefan Milius  

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